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:: Photography Contest

I am not really one to enter photo contests or compete with other photographers ... but occasionally it can be kinda fun to see the results. Last month I entered some photos in the Knoxville Wedding Daily Times monthly photography contest. I placed first in three categories ...


Photography Contest, Julie Roberts Photography


Photography Contest, Julie Roberts Photography

And bling:

Photography Contest, Julie Roberts Photography

So that was FUN, right!?! I thought it was ... so I decided to enter the competition this month. You can vote by going to the Wedding Daily Times website and clicking on "monthly photography contest". I have entered a photo in every category - and you don't have to register or sign up to vote. Its easy! I am way behind because there are more photographers involved this time and the photos are all beautiful! But the contest will be going on all month so be sure to go by and cast your vote!!!!

Here is a quick sneak peak of a few images that I have entered ... This is Claire ... she got married last Saturday.

Photography Contest, Julie Roberts Photography

Flowers by Lisa Foster Design!

Photography Contest, Julie Roberts Photography

What do you think? Leave me some feedback!

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Aug 7, 2009Ted
great pics. Ted and Kristen Booth
Aug 7, 2009Carrie Murphy
That's cool! I just voted, GO JULIE!
Aug 7, 2009Anonymous
Actually, you placed first in FOUR categories according to that website. You also got the bridal party one. And I will go and vote for you again :-)


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