About Julie

I am so happy that you are here! This is my little home here in the huge world of the internet and I hope you can get a teeny-tiny glimpse into my world of art, life, and love. I am so happy to be a wedding photographer and I want to share with you how I came to this place in my life. It began with a dream that God placed in my heart eight years ago (and a supportive family). I studied fine art photography in college and always loved photographing people. It was my first wedding in 2004 when as a photographer my wandering artistic vision was given a purpose. I realized those wedding photos would have such importance to that bride and groom and their families. The images would be treasured for years as a reminder of their love and commitment. My sentimental heart was smitten and I fell head over heels in love with wedding photography. My business was officially born in 2006 and it has since grown beyond what I ever dreamed it would.

Fast-forward to May of 2009 when I met the love of my life, Nicholas Evan Solon. I absolutely must mention him here because (without realizing it) he changed my business in so many ways. Falling in love with him gave me a fresh perspective on the value of what I do. In April of 2011 Nick and I were married and once again I am renewed and reminded that what I do is a precious gift. I take it very seriously and see it as so much more than just documentary. I believe in love. I believe in marriage. And I believe this kind of commitment deserves to be respected and remembered.

As a photographer I seek beauty in simplicity. I am versatile because I love candid moments but also value tradition. As an artist I constantly challenge myself to make images that are visually interesting and emotional. I love working with people who value art and have creative interests. As a lover of people and romance, my goal is to share my heart with my clients in hopes that they will share their hearts in front of my camera. Couples who are madly in love are my greatest inspiration. Their laughter is abundant, their smiles are not contrived, and they embrace each other with security. These moments give life beauty, purpose, and something worth remembering.

It is a huge task to express the gratitude I feel towards God, my supportive family and friends, my precious husband, and my clients who have entrusted me with such amazing responsibility. I love all of you. And I look so forward to seeing my business grow in ways I have yet to imagine.



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