Photography Elementary & Shoot Lab

Join me for a one day class where you will learn the elements of photography. This class is perfect for beginners. If you have always wanted to understand how use your equipment ... bring it! I will keep it simple teaching you the technical details of camera basics and shooting in manual. We will also discuss the essentials of using natural light to every advantage and the thought process behind creative composition. Lunch will be provided and we'll have an open discussion time for any questions you have for me.

The second half of our day together will be a shoot lab where you can practice your new camera skills. This will be an awesome opportunity to build your portfolio and get some guided experience. Together we will photograph a variety of models including an engaged couple, a high school senior, lots of cute kiddos, and more. I will offer help with posing and utilizing available light. I'll also share tips on how to ensure your clients are having a great experience while you are getting awesome images.

  • Upcoming Photography Elementary Details:

    March 30, 2012
    Knoxville, TN

    $175 - class only and lunch (9am-1pm)
    $150 - shoot lab only (2pm-7pm)
    $245 - entire workshop: class, lunch, and shoot lab
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