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Bridal :: Bride's Night Out :: January 2011

It all began as a panera date.  Over cheese bagels and mango smoothies my friend Shannon Kelley and I chatted about something fun ... something different ... something we could do to let our clients know we really love them.  Because we do.   Very few people get to make their true love a career ... and its only with the support and encouragement of amazing clients that Shannon and I have been able to do that.  And so we wanted to do something to show our gratitude.  And the idea for Bride's Night Out was born.

This amazing night would not have been possible without the collaboration of many of Knoxville's most awesome vendors.  We are also so grateful to them for their support of this project.  You can go HERE to see some of Shannon's images from the night.

First of all a huge thanks goes to Lorie with The Ribbon Cutters http://theribboncutters.com/.  We really couldn't have done this event without Lorie's help.  She is an amazing event planner and coordinator ... with a perfectly pleasant and professional grace she doesn't skip a beat when snafus take place.  I just love Lorie and I recommend her as highly as possible!

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

Those unbelievable table arrangements and decor were provided by Stacey with The Blooming Earth (http://thewholeyard-ediblelandscaping.com/home).  Stacey's work is all grown locally on her own farm and she promotes healthly land and ecosystems.  On top of being sustainable her arrangements are creative and SO beautiful!  I love Blooming Earth!

Gorgeous table linens provided by The White Table (http://www.whitetable.com/) - so accomodating and wonderful to work with!

Those gorgeous glass birds fit our theme perfectly and were provided by Marble City Glassworks (http://www.marblecityglassworks.com/)

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

We were so happy to have our party facilitated by the classiest club in town ... Club LeConte (http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Club-LeConte) Thank you so much for being so accomodating and gracious!

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

The ever impressive Claire Turner Balest did make-up for Shannon and myself (look how pretty Shannon is below!!).  Claire also did make-up touch-ups all night for our guests.  So fun!

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

Delicious tiramisu ice cream cupcakes were thoroughly enjoyed by all!  Provided by Marble Slab Catering (http://www.marbleslabcatering.com/) ... if you are even the least bit interested in having some gourmet ice cream at your event you MUST contact them!

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

These yummy little things below are cake-pops.  And they are as tasty as they are adorable!  These babies were provided by the lovely folks at Rosa's Catering (http://www.rosascatering.com/) who do delicious cakes and creative treats as well as full menu catering.  They are wonderful!

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

And finally our entertainment highlight of the evening was provided by Broadway Academy of Performing Arts (http://broadwayacademyknoxville.com/)  Also known as BAPA ... this event center in downtown Knoxville provides dance classes, shows, and all kinds of creative activities on a regular basis.  Please check them out! 

Our night was kicked off by Greg - the amazingly talently hip-hop dancer.  What a fun way to get the night started!  Greg teaches kid's and adult classes at BAPA and he is awesome!

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

And what would a party be without some belly dancers?!  These ladies were SO beautiful and mezmerizing!  The belly dance classes at BAPA are taught by the lovely Cynthia Turnage. 

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography

Not to be outdone by anyone ... The Sizemology Girls pulled out two performances that were so exciting!  The sizemology classes are taught by the ever-inspired Anna Rogers.  I am proud to announce that I am a new Sizemology Muse myself ... and if you'd like to know more about what Sizemology is and when/where we'll be performing again you should go here:  http://www.sizemologydance.com/

Bride's Night Out :: January 2011, Julie Roberts Photography


There were many more vendors and friends who made this night amazing.  So thank you to everyone who participated and attended.  We think it was a huge success and I look forward to more events like this in the future!!!


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