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Hi, I'm Julie ... artist, photographer, potter, etc. I am so happy you are here! I consider this blog my creative journal where I can share my recent work, ideas and dreams, and lots of little details about my life. Please make yourself at home. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a photographer, or just a visitor, I hope you will find inspiration here and even become a friend.

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This past week I spent four days braving the west coast at the BELOVED Collective ... making new friends, generating some inspiration, and being reminded WHY I do what I do.  It was big for me but not in the way I expected.  A quiet BIG ... A deep down in my heart BIG ... A this is what my spirit needs to sing kind of BIG. 

This has been a beautiful year in my life full of love, loss, and some really huge transitions.  I was married in April to the most precious man God ever made.  And in two weeks I will be up-rooting my world and moving to Lexington, KY seeking "happily-ever-after" etc.  Be sure you note that even though I'll be living in Kentucky, I still plan to continue photographing people all over the world;  have suit-case, will travel, etc.  This includes you, Knoxville, TN.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the word "home".  What does home mean?  Where is home?  How does it make you feel to be home?  To be away from home?  What is your definition?  Yesterday I had a rotten day ... and then today something happened that was the swift kick in the pants I needed to be reminded that God has a plan for my life and I need to take a chill pill basically.  Then my sweet heart husband sent me a text message that said "You are my home." And everything was right in the world. 

SO all of that has inspired me to give away a free photo session to a deserving couple.  I want to photograph you and your definition of home.  There will be one winner ... to enter yourself (or someone else) just send me an email (julie@julierobertsphoto.com) ... please include your definition of "home" as an inspiration for a photo session (be as authentic as possible).  I'd also love to know your story ... and why you deserve a free photo session.

I hope you're in the mood for some California Blue ... (sotc, taken at Santa Monica Pier)

Free Photo Session :: Home, California, Birds, etc ..., Julie Roberts Photography

Free Photo Session :: Home, California, Birds, etc ..., Julie Roberts Photography
Free Photo Session :: Home, California, Birds, etc ..., Julie Roberts Photography

Free Photo Session :: Home, California, Birds, etc ..., Julie Roberts Photography

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Sep 22, 2011Izzy Hudgins
Im super curious to hear all about the Beloved Collective! I really love Jesh de Rox but most of the info given out was really vague....tell me all about it!
Apr 22, 2010Jessica
wow julie. . .those are so so good!

yes..........i completely agree. we must get together soon. you want to come over sometime for lunch or supper???

let me know. . or we will meet up, whatever works best!
Apr 13, 2010elizamae
I love them! Thanks so much for capturing our goodness despite low blood sugar!

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