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Hi, I'm Julie ... artist, photographer, potter, etc. I am so happy you are here! I consider this blog my creative journal where I can share my recent work, ideas and dreams, and lots of little details about my life. Please make yourself at home. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a photographer, or just a visitor, I hope you will find inspiration here and even become a friend.

:: Winner!

Good grief! I had no idea what I was getting myself into by offering a free pass to my workshop.
Personal Professional - April 17th

There were so many deserving people who wrote in ... how in the world was I supposed to choose? While I am really happy for the winner, if I had realized how bad I would feel letting everyone else know they weren't chosen, I don't think I would have done this! I am so sorry to everyone who wrote in but wasn't chosen. You ALL deserve to come!

Registration will close on April 6th. Click here to register now.

I originally said that I was going to post the results of the contest on April 1st. But the winner had actually commented on the original post that it would be a horrible April fools joke. So just to ensure this is not an April fools joke ... I am posting the results today.

And the winner is Carrie Murphy!

Winner!, Julie Roberts Photography

This is Carrie, her husband Brandon and their adorable son, Rylan (taken in 2008).

Carrie is a budding photographer who has been trying to establish a business for a while. She first contacted me in 2007 with some questions about buying her first big camera. After going through the difficult loss of her mother her world was turned upside down and of course her plans to start a business were put on hold. Since then she has followed my blog and occasionally emailed me with questions and comments. She has continued to take pictures and over the course of two years her work has grown so much. She is in the perfect place to take a leap and really make her business grow. I feel like all she needs is a little push in confidence. So this is why I chose Carrie for the free pass. Congrats Carrie! Can't wait to see you there!

My sweetheart and I are taking a little excursion to Florida over the Easter weekend. I am excited about my last little get-away before things get super busy around here. When I return I will have tons of photos to post! Here is a little sneak peak of what's to come ...

Angela and Clint's wedding:

Winner!, Julie Roberts Photography

Lovely Rachel and 3 month old baby Wade:

Winner!, Julie Roberts Photography

Jonathan and Brooke's engagement session:

Winner!, Julie Roberts Photography

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Apr 1, 2010Carrie Murphy
That was me :) Carrie. It wouldn't let me enter my name
Apr 1, 2010Anonymous
Woo hoo! Thanks Julie and Rachel for the comment! I'm super excited. And I'm excited to see Wade's pictures :)
Mar 31, 2010Rachel
YAY for Carrie!!!! :)

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