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Creative :: Teaching and Photography Elementary

My first education endeavor went over this past weekend with a bang!

I taught photography once upon a time at a summer girl's camp and I absolutely loved it. Despite that experience I was still SO NERVOUS about teaching a class now. The students are not kids - they are my age! They might have questions I can't answer! I might say something stupid! Ignoring my fears ... The fact is that I get countless emails from aspiring photographers wanting to learn more about their cameras. So with a little encouragement from a few of the right people I was in. I have officially embarked on providing education to people who are interested in being better photographers. It's intimidating to say the least but its wonderful!

The class Photography Elementary this past weekend went over perfectly. With the help of Sarah - my awesome office manager, Mary - my best friend who prepared delicious snackies, and Nick - my sweet boy friend who helped with anything and everything I was able to pull of this event so smoothly with no major snags. Okay, I definitely said some dumb things ... but for the most part it was a great time!

Here is a shot that was taken by Lori Sukel. Thank you Lori for sending this one!

Here is a yummy shot of Mary's snacks:

Our host for the day was the conference center at 4 Market Square ... right above the square room. It was the perfect location and they were wonderful to work with!

Here is what some of the students have said about the workshop:

Loved the workshop, congrats on completing your first one! You did a great job and helped many people. - Carrie

It was great to meet you! I learned so much from you today. I am definitely interested in the next one in April. Thank you so much for taking the time to have the workshop. You are a doll! -Shannon

Thank you so much for the workshop today! It was a lot of fun, and it was so so helpful. Your awesome!! -Jamie

I loved class! Truly. - Ramona

I had a great time in class. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to have these classes. I'm so excited to practice everything I learned. -Renea

Thank you so much to everyone who attended! We got great feedback and I am SO excited to announce my next workshop: Personal Professional

Here is the info about it (and don't forget to notice the early-bird discount!)

Teaching and Photography Elementary, Julie Roberts Photography

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Mar 3, 2010Izzy Hudgins
awww julie! this is big! i wish i could be there to participate and see how well you are doing! i miss you!
Mar 3, 2010The Smith Family
do you need models?
Mar 2, 2010Anonymous
It was a great learning experience! ... "Push the 'take it' button". LOL! :-)

Mar 2, 2010melissa
wow! way to go girl!! gary would be so proud. =D

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