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Wedding :: California ...

A while back I posted that I would be taking some time off during December and January. I really needed some "me time" to refresh and find some new inspiration. I want 2010 to be a really amazing year for me and my business (which is really just me!).

So the big highlight during my time off is that I took a trip to California for a big photo workshop with one of my hero photographers: Jessica Claire, http://www.jessicaclaire.net

I have SO many gorgeous photos to post I don't even know where to begin. This is just a sneak peak because there are a TON more of these beautiful images that I will post later this week.

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

There were SO many people involved in the styling, decor, set up, details, etc. You just wouldn't believe! Some of the amazing folks involved are:

Our gorgeous models: Troy & Aimee Grover: http://blog.troygrover.com/
Lindye Galloway (not pictured on this blog - but you'll see her later!)

Event Design, Production, Vendor Coordination, Bride & Bridesmaid Styling, Graphic Design:
Lollipop Events & Designs (www.ilovelollipops.com; www.ilovelolliblog.com)

Floral Design & Groom Styling: Isari Flower Studio

Hair & Makeup: Vivian Tran, All Made Up: http://www.allmadeupteam.com

Rentals: Fete Accompli (www.feteaccomplievents.com)

Dinnerware, Flatware, Flutes & China: Bloomingdales (www.bloomingdales.com)

Gowns: Joan Shum Bridal (www.joanshum.com)

Groom Suits: Bloomingdales (www.bloomingdales.com)

Cake Designer: Erica O’Brien Cake Design

Upcycled Vintage Bridal Jewelry, Accessories & Heirloom Jeweled Bouquet:

Bridesmaid Dress: Swoon (www.swoondress.com)

Bridal Headpieces & Bridesmaid Bolero Jacket: Alisa Benay (www.alisabenay.com)

Message Box Favors: Lucky Bug Handmade Paper Delights

Other thanks to Be Inspired Public Relations: (http://www.beinspiredpr.com/)

Laura Hooper: http://www.lhcalligraphy.com

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

Just one more favorite before I move on. I promise there are a million more of these coming soon. You have got to check back soon to see them!

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

While I was in California my generous friends Nathan and Sarah let me stay with them for the entire week. They also loaned me a car for the entire time and fed me a lot of delicious food. Nathan was one of my very best friends through high school and its such a treat to get to spend time with him and see his family grow!!! He and Sarah have a brand new baby girl, Emma Marie. They are the happiest little family ever - so I think these photos are pretty wonderful.

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

Emma Marie. She is full of curiosity and personality. I am not sure I've ever met a happier baby. She smiled and giggled almost the whole week I was there! She is a beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair and heart full of wonder. I love her!

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

Sarah is perfect for motherhood. I love the sheer joy of this one.
And good Lord that California sunlight!

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

I met this fantastic couple by way of my friends Adam and Julia Franklin. Adam and Julia weren't able to meet with me because of scheduling conflicts - which bummed me out. But my friend Julia so generously connected me to this lovely couple Shada and Mason - who just so happened to be super models.

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

They were also hilarious to work with and we had so much fun climbing around on rocks and watching the sun set.

California ..., Julie Roberts Photography

I am so excited about starting of 2010 with some really amazing stuff! I can't wait to show you more of these sessions this week ... then I have FIVE more photo shoots this weekend to be followed by a wedding in Key West the last weekend of this month. Its going to be pretty much fabulous and very busy here on the blog for the next while. Stay tuned my friends. And lets get some comments going in 2010 - I love to know you're out there!

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Jan 21, 2010Inspiring Effects by Jana
I really enjoyed this blog. Love the work from CA. Maybe one day I'll get to head out that way. The one on the rocks is my favorite!
Jan 20, 2010Anonymous
As always, so proud of you Julie! Your unique point of view and your art skills truly set you apart from other photographers! Love all the nature influences too! -Franci
Jan 19, 2010Troy Grover
Looks good! Nice meeting you :)
Jan 19, 2010melissa
Yay! I love this post. I showed Jeff the picture of the bride & groom on the couch and he thought it was rockin! I said "see, i told you so....she is gonna make us look like supermodels on our wedding day"!! =D

That last pic on the rocks....wow, super hot!

cant' wait to see more!!!!

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