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Wedding :: Kellye Pritchet and Chaz Huesman are Married!!!

I LOVED photographing this wedding!
There are so many reasons why!

First of all Kellye and Chaz are totally in love and SO good at showing it!
They are both performers at Dollywood so as you will see in the images ... they had no trouble turning on the charm for the camera. They are complete naturals and made my job a breeze.
On top of that ... their wedding was at the beach. North Myrtle Beach, SC to be exact.
The weather was perfect and I have to say that I LOVE shooting at a beach setting.

On the evening of the rehearsal Kellye and Chaz humored me for about 20 minutes so we could get some engagement photos. They are such an adorable and fun couple. I knew after this little mini-session that the wedding would be amazing. I was right.

How they met:

We met at a friend's birthday party on May 23, 2007 and we were introduced by a mutual friend, Candice. We exchanged a "Hey" and I knew that there was something there. I kept telling people that I wanted Chaz for my birthday and I got his phone number on my birthday! The rest is history!

How he proposed:

It was the preview night before our opening day of shows for the Christmas season. At the end of our show, Santa started saying that he was sad that he wasn't going to meet all the little boys and girls after shows this year. He then had the stage manager bring out a chair and a "Nice and Naughty" book. He had the stage manager sit on his lap and said that he had just a few weeks to get on the nice list. He then did the same with one of the cast members who was playing my husband. Then I had to sit on Santa's lap. He told me I had been a good girl and that he had an elf that needed to give me something. Then Chaz got on the microphone in front of everyone I have worked with in the last 5 years! He then gave the perfect speech and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!!!!! I love him!!!!

One thing that I really loved about Kellye and Chaz's wedding was that it was simple and significant. Every element of the day was centered solely on Kellye and Chaz and the fact that they are in love and getting married. Any other extravagant, unnecessary detail was either ignored or forgotten. This wedding was not about a wedding ... it was about the beginning of a beautiful marriage.

As a result the day was utterly perfect.

By the way, Kellye is


Forget it ... she is just breathtakingly stunning ...

Kellye Pritchet and Chaz Huesman are Married!!!, Julie Roberts Photography

Chaz on the other is too ugly to even show his face.

Kellye Pritchet and Chaz Huesman are Married!!!, Julie Roberts Photography

I just love how introspective he looks in the above image.
The thoughtful groom just before the ceremony.

The following image showcases his personality a little more ... I LOVED Chaz's hat and style!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention ... my assistant for the wedding was my Mom!!!

She took this adorable shot of one of the flower girls ... love it!

Kellye Pritchet and Chaz Huesman are Married!!!, Julie Roberts Photography

Mom also got the next two gorgeous moments just before Kellye and her dad walked down the isle. Perfect.

I just can't get over the amazing blue sky and the dreamy feel of all the ceremony images. I LOVE shooting ceremonies on the beach.

One other special little detail that I loved was that Chaz's dad was the officiant.

Kellye Pritchet and Chaz Huesman are Married!!!, Julie Roberts Photography

I am completely in love with the next three photos. Once again Kellye and Chaz humored me and spent about 20 minutes doing a few portraits before we went to the reception. Definitely my favorites of the day ...


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