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Creative :: Before and After teaser ...

Hey everyone! Its time for me to post one of those "coming soon" blogs ... but I thought I would spice it up a bit this time. What I have for you today are all the sessions I have shot and will be posting (in the order listed below) but instead of just a teaser photo its a before and after pair. So you can see a photo that is completely straight out of the camera right next to the very same photo after it has gone through my editing process.

For you photo nerds (wink, wink) I edit every photo to taste - which is to say that I don't have a specific recipe for every image. I do everything in photoshop and I specifically use the Totally Rad Actions and Kevin Kubota's Actions.

On with the show ...

The next blog post to come is the beautiful Elizabeth ... I have her bridal session images as well as the wedding photos ...

Before and After teaser ..., Julie Roberts Photography

Jessica and Tim Buress Wedding ... here are Jessica and her beautiful bridesmaids.

Before and After teaser ..., Julie Roberts Photography

My friends in the sunflowers ...

Before and After teaser ..., Julie Roberts Photography
Before and After teaser ..., Julie Roberts Photography

What do you think? Leave me some feedback!

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Aug 11, 2009Miranda and Jesse plus baby
LOVE these Julie!
Aug 10, 2009Lindsay
your photos are beautiful (as usual) and i love the before and after edits!!
Aug 10, 2009Inspiring Effects by Jana
Thanks for the links that you added in this post! They will be very helpful. And as always the pics are AMAZING!!


Aug 9, 2009Anonymous
I LOVE BEFORE/AFTER!!!! Yay! :-) What a cool idea.

Even though I know that you did *so* little editing with my pictures because I am already perfect. Bahahahaha.


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