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Family :: I love a little Maple Rae (10 weeks)

Little Maple Rae is growing SO fast. Her mom Brandy is one of my best friends in the whole world. I only saw her about 5 weeks ago ... but Maple has changed SO much! She almost looks like a totally different baby (but there is no doubt that she is looking exactly like her gorgeous mommy). I want her to stay little forever ... but I know that's not possible ... so that's why I have a camera in her face every time I see her.

I love a little Maple Rae (10 weeks), Julie Roberts Photography


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Mar 19, 2009Sarah H.
I love the pics of little Maple but I really liked the song too. Who did the song and what is the title?
Mar 15, 2009Anonymous
What a baby doll!! She looks just like you Brandy -- sorry Daddy..
And thanks SO much for the card.
Melinda and Bobby
Mar 6, 2009Roberson
I love these? Are these at your house? We need to see some pictures of your house still!!! I LOVE the bowl picture!
Mar 6, 2009Cinnamon
She sure has changed since the last time you showed her pictures. Still adorable though!
Mar 6, 2009Anonymous
Oh, so CUTE!!!! I love the "baby in a bowl" shots :-)

Mar 6, 2009Anonymous
i have tried 4 times to leave a comment thru wordpress. now i will be anonymous.
i love the ones in the bowl the most. my favorite is the one where her mouth is in a circle. she is saying " ooooo, i'm in a bowl."
i also love the smiley ones and your black and white background. ok i love them all
Mar 6, 2009Julie Roberts Blog
Thanks Carrie!!! I really wasn't sure if that bowl would work ... she was almost too big for it!
Mar 6, 2009Carrie Murphy
How freakin' cute! I really like the ones of her in the bowl, it cracked me up! She has a beautiful smile.

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